November 15th, 2005 Yoshi Meeting


We had a good meeting at the Hooters in Olathe, Ks. A total of 9 members were present including our Divan Rep.. Sorry we didn't have more in attendance as the chicken wings and drinks were flowing...250 wings and how many pitchers ;-) 

Members Present:    

    Steve Koperski
    Jamie Thornton
    Jason Hewitt
    Nick Turner
    Jim Pyle
    Dennis Schurr
    Butch Newell
    Jim Rush

    Doug Smith, Divan Rep


Lots of chicken wings & beverages were on the table as we discussed old business and new items. The foremost was the December meeting that is going to be held at Nick Turners house. More information will be out soon. Also discussed was another age group to be associated with the Yoshi.

To ANYONE that was involved with all the functions that Yoshi was involved with ( Easter Egg Hunt, Golf Tournament, Shrine Rodeo, CSSA, Cajun Dinner, American Royal Rodeo, we would like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you....GOOD WORK

Again....any Shriner under the age of 45 is a Yoshi member by default...all you have to do is show up at a meeting and get involved. We have a lot of fun doing the work and always have fun afterwards. The meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month up in the backroom of the come up and get involved...!